Sunday, June 27, 2010


Saturday, June 26, 2010



这日,在金宝度过了一个不一样的一天。为了筹备晚上的BBQ,我和几个朋友到金宝唯一一间超市‘tesco’买所需的用品,匆匆忙忙的,一直照着单上的东西买。不过,那种的匆忙,是开心的。到了晚上,天啊公不做美,下起雨来了。心想,难道就讲完了吗?心不甘,管他的3 7 21,去了才算!那知,摩托爆胎了,真够倒霉!心里一直暗骂。没法了,只好拜托表哥了。

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nice weather ......

The weather in this morning is very good....sunny and breezy.
It very comfort me.This Pic is took whiled I am waiting for my friend to fetch me.(wait kinda long till I almost get sun burn)

21 September 2009 . 1am

Today is the most sad day in this year.I finally know,inside X's heart,still miss X's Ex. I felt very very very sad. suddenly I felt so tried.Everything is hopeless.How I hope I can sleep on the bed and never get up again. I cried so many time yesterday.I know it is useless for me to cry. but still, once remember every time I meet with X ,my tear, without control and roll down.
Hope,X will Sms me soon....Pls

Friday, September 18, 2009 with ''someone'' again...

I felt very happy today, b/coz , I had meet with X again. It had been a month we both didn't meet each other.Although X is sick , but still willing go out with me.XD
We had a nice time. But unfortunately , something bad was occur at the End. X's helmet was missing. X called my Phone and said that X's new helmet was stole. I felt very worry and scare. So , I walk towards him and to realise the situation. X said the thief was cut off the belt and stole the helmet. X's looks so sad and nerves. I was sad, I am useless. I can't help X anything. ( I pretty hate the security at IPoh parade. when we report to him that X's helmet was missing, he just said 'sorry , we can't do anything' OMG!!! I felt like wanna punch him at that moment.SOB!!And some more,X's Motorboat just parked at in front of the police kiosk , but X's helmet can missing still. It show that how 'clever' Malaysia Police is. Agree? or I can say that , how 'peaceful' Malaysia is.)
Finally , X had no choice,rush back to home without helmet,fortunately X is get back home safely. Thanks God.

Monday, July 6, 2009

It been a long long time I did not update my post.
I think is about 5 months from the last post, Even my blog can store mummy already. lol
SPM is coming soon , but I still like on honey moon. Do not have that heart to study and revision. MAN!!!
If u really love someone , will you care how her/his looks like?
And some more, can anyone share with me how to memorize the chemistry periodic table and electrochemical series? I found that I am difficult to this. haha...
If so, Thanks only

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moody ....

Form 5 live=Tired live
I very agree with this statement...homework a lot, test lot, some more have "Folio" (assignment) pressure . Man!!! can't breath already....
Today scolded by my chemistry teacher because of I din bring my note book to the lab. Once she found me didn't bring along my note book. She used her both eyes stared at me ferociously, scary!!! I knew my result will like the way she used to do punish us----push up 30times or copy one of the chapter note 3times.( My friend who study at beside class is one of the victim.) '' YOU WANT ME KNOCK OFF YOUR HEAD?!!! YOU KNOW I WILL USE NOTE BOOK EVERY CLASS, WHY YOU DIDN'T BRING IT? STILL THINKING OF VALENTINE DAY? DATING WITH YOUR PARTNER? (I remember that day I just stay at home and do nothing)Fortunately she used mandarin to speak, if not, whole of the class will tease me after class....sigh...I thought I will get punish after she stop scolding. Weird...she did not take any action. I felt relax after that...hehe..if not...i think i cant sleep today,and will keep copy the note till morning...

I felt very stress and moody this few day, maybe I didn't get enough sleep or what. so, don't blame me or angry with me if I keep silence in the chat room, ok?
Sorry Kyohei....what I really can say is just sorry.....

I really want to rest.....
I am tired already...
sorry....I think I will seldom online....
Bye all....will miss you all....

will fight again after recharge .....
dont give up SEET KAH JUN!!!!!!
you wont lose.....right?